Company Of Heroes 3 Pc Steam

The legendary strategy saga is back! Company of Heroes 3 is the ultimate game of action, tactics and strategy. It’s up to you to issue orders in the heat of real-time battles, then lead the entire campaign as a General where every decision you make matters.

Dominate your opponents with international, new and classic factions, units and armed groups. Lead your land, air and naval forces and establish supply lines to stop the enemy’s progress on the new dynamic campaign map where the game experience is always renewed! Play at your own pace in Campaign and Skirmish modes before diving into the heat of multiplayer action. Uncover the hidden history of a sublime Mediterranean theater of operations, including next-gen destructible environments, powered by Relic’s Essence Engine game engine.

Award-winning tactical gameplay

Company of Heroes 3 delivers acclaimed tactical gameplay for the next generation. Fan-favorite combat mechanics now

incorporate enemy units in their garrisons, then master the heights to expand your field of vision and gain the upper hand.

A spectacular new environment

Welcome to the Mediterranean: a breathtaking new theater of operations will reveal the hidden stories of war. Fight fierce battles against enemy forces across Italian mountain passes, dramatic coastal landscapes and vast deserts of North Africa. Sublime graphics await you in authentic and very varied environments that will test your vigilance.

In mountain maps, you will have to adopt totally different strategies compared to coastal cities, where heights will have a huge impact on the field of view of your units (with True Sight). In the desert plains, you will have to carry out reconnaissance operations with great caution, as well as intrepid maneuvers under heavy protection. On this new front line, cunning will supplant speed, and the strategic use of specific terrain will allow you to confuse the enemy and force them to retreat.

Unprecedented strategic depth

Experience the largest single-player campaign in the entire saga. The new dynamic campaign map offers full sandbox-style gameplay, allowing players to command all war efforts and encounter unparalleled depth in terms of strategic choices.

Establish important supply lines before deploying your rear defenses to secure your position. Launch air raids and naval attacks to weaken and disperse enemy forces or even liberate a nearby town to develop a partisan spy network. Choose your forces and upgrade groups of veterans to suit your playstyle. Plus, the full tactical pause feature gives players full control over the single-player action. Plan your attacks, then effortlessly maneuver with deadly precision to gain the advantage in battle.

Various factions and units

Company of Heroes 3 will delight even the most ardent WWII fans with the most factions available in the series to date. New army customization mechanics will allow you to call in units special and varied reinforcements. Battle with new elite commandos, including US-Canadian Special Forces, Commonwealth Gurkhas and more.

From devastating tank destroyers to clandestine reconnaissance vehicles, Company of Heroes 3 offers the largest selection of units in the saga to date. The ultra-light Weasel, anti-tank Nashorn and light tank Chaffee are just a few examples of the units making their way into the game. And let’s not forget reworked classics like the M3 Half-track which can now be used to repair and Steal derelict enemy vehicles!

Movie-like action

Feel the impact of every shrapnel and naval bombardment thanks to the state-of-the-art Essence Engine, developed by Relic. In Company of Heroes 3, every location becomes a fully destructible sandbox with unlimited tactical play options for you and your enemy.

Destroy fortified buildings to crash into enemy squadrons, then enjoy improved destruction mechanics as your soldiers take advantage of the new dynamic ruins to take cover. Incredible particle effects and rendering technology showcases fire, sand and smoke like never before. Expect new and beautiful soldier animations with improved AI, faithfully replicating squad reactions on the battlefield. Optimized for DirectX 12 and multi-core processors, Relic’s new game engine technology will give you action worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

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Company Of Heroes 3 Pc Steam
Company Of Heroes 3 Pc Steam

Company Of Heroes 3 Pc Steam

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