Pokemon Sword (Nintendo Switch)

A brand-new addition – and the beginning of the 8th generation – to the Pokemon franchise is here! Buy Pokemon Sword (one part of the duality that is Pokemon Sword and Shield) and travel to Galar region, where you will begin your journey to become the best trainer around. Battle with the Gym trainers and claim your victory whenever you can!

Traditional gameplay

The newest game promises the return of beloved features, that were missing in the previous installment to the series. The famed and familiar system of Battle Gyms is back, allowing the player to challenge themselves and see how far they have come. Of course, winning in Gyms establishes you as the superior player, paving the way to the title of Champion.

Free-roam the areas

Buy Pokemon Sword and experience the free-roaming in the Wild Area, an open field connecting towns. It serves as the best place to encounter Pokemons: you may battle, try to catch them or flee if they prove to be too strong. Additionally, the types of Pokemon that you encounter is influenced by the weather, so time your hunts accordingly!

New elements

But Sword and Shield do not offer only stale gameplay, oh no! If you are up for the challenge, delve deeper into the gameplay and experience the unique Dynamax feature, something that was introduced only in the Gyms of Galar. Should you buy Pokemon Sword, you can utilize your Dynamax Band and temporarily get to control a giant version of your beloved Pokemon.

Partake on Max Raid Battles

But if that’s not enough, you may also test your luck in Max Raid Battle. This is a co-op fight featuring up to three different trainers and their Pokemon as you all try to take down perpetually Dynamaxed enemy Pokemon, all in hopes of achieving some rare and unique partners to add to the roster.

Get what you want

While both Sword and Shield editions contain exclusive Pokemon available within the titles only, you can always trade with other players. So, if you buy Pokemon Sword, but there’s a partner you truly want available in Shield, you can always trade another person for it! The upcoming cloud storage HOME will also allow you to transfer Pokemon from previous games (as far as Ruby and Sapphire), as well as store your Pokemon for future needs!

Pokemon Sword (Nintendo Switch)
Pokemon Sword (Nintendo Switch)


Pokemon Sword (Nintendo Switch)

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